Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wish I was on the Geek Squad

I have an enormous amount of homework to do. I have a few papers to write, and a presentation to give and various other things that need to be done. Last night, I was going to dedicate the entire evening to getting them done...

As I made myself comfy, I got all of my books ready.. and had a glass of ice tea out, and I made way for my lap tap. The lap top, that is primarily used for school and school only.

I open it up, turn it on.. and something seemed different.

There werent any desk top icons
All of my school files were gone
My dock was different
My desktop itself, was different

What the hell happened to my stuff..????...????

Im trying desperately to figure out what happened. Immediately, the girls are both denying ANY involvement in the "destruction of private property" and my husband would'nt dare touch the thing. The girls on the other hand, are on it.. frequently.

By this point, Im starting to look like this:

I can not find ANY of my files
iTunes is completely wiped clean
iPhoto is completely wiped clean
My presentation is GONE
ALL of my papers that I have wrote
for school over the past year, are GONE.

What the F&*K !!

I have to now re-download every song.... re-download my iPod... re-download every photo (some I cant).... I am beyond mad, I am...well this:

Do you know how much work that all is?

Especially when I have so much freak'n
homework already?

So, hours later... I FINALLY find my files barried DEEEEEEEP inside my computer... I finally got them back where they needed to be, and I found my presentation. Thankfully~

The iTunes library is still GONE.. The iPhoto stuff is still GONE... and now, I have no reception from my router to get do said homework, or fix Tunes... so this is now how I feel:

Cover your ears folks, cause Im gonna swear:

FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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